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And it ends.

Posted by flanhandle - October 16th, 2014


I can't make anything enjoyable to watch. I had a thousand ideas, threw it all at one script, spent countless hours working on the audio, art, and animation, and realized it was complete horseshit once I stepped back. I know I can be funny. And I know I can write well. But when it comes to animation, any scrap of creative talent I have goes out the window.

I posted that fucking Cheeto Fingers thing in January, and I wish I hadn't. I watch it now and I'm embarassed. Everything about it is garbage. The only reason it got any attention at all is because it's relatable or something. It's pandering. The actual content is shit. The voice acting, the art, the animation, the music, the writing.

So I thought I could improve. Or at least look at what I'm doing more critically. The art is better, sure, but everything else is absolute shit, but I don't realize that until after I convince myself it's a great idea and spend an insane amount of time working on it. I'm so fucking stupid.

Hm why don't I also mention how lonely and useless I feel and that making cartoons is the only thing I have that even slightly resembles a talent and how if I can't do that well then I have no other redeeming qualities. I'm not using this account anymore. Everything on it is a waste of bandwidth.

also here's how far i got (no preloader!!!): http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/58e4163be290b86145687c75ad7c08a2

part after it goes blank is supposed to be like a post-apocalyptic future or whatever. IT SUCKS DICK KBYE

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in the words of tomska. your making sh*t and your going to make sh*t for a long time but eventually you will make enough sh*t to make something good and then you will make enough good stuff to make something awesome and it goes on from there


the moral of the story is don't quit just after 2 videos . . .

If you're going to quit after only 2 videos then you really didn't care in the first place.
Shame dude, because the only way to get better is through practice and you're depriving yourself of that. But hey, if ya gotta go then ya gotta go.

With all due respect to your own experiences in your own life and knowledge of yourself, I think the content in question is fine, I think you're fine as a creator and, without trying to belittle a strong opinion on the typical "You're too young to have feelings!" point, I would state that you should consider that you might be too young to write "The End" on any aspect of your life.

I theorize that you're drastically overthinking the issue at hand, and in fact there may not be an issue in the first place, but rather a fear of one. On this note, should you decide to revive your now-corpse, feel free to utilize me as a voice actor if you ever have need of one.

Thank you. :)

When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.

What Sniper said. Don't put yourself down.

Honestly I've enjoyed all of your videos, including the unfinished one you just linked. If its that big of a problem you could always ask others about your idea I guess, but isn't what really matters is that people like me enjoy watching it?

sniper gets sad and becomes lamer than normal. Then tries to be awesome and fails horribly.

Holy shit, man! That was awsome! Make it!