Entry #8

Microwave isn't working...

2015-08-11 00:29:28 by flanhandle

... so I'm cooking my burritos in the toaster oven like a fuckin caveman.

I watched The Tatami Galaxy a couple weeks ago, and it's inspired me to put more time and thought into my animation. Masaaki Yuasa is a god. Besides that, the story is incredible. If you're college age and/or stuck in a rut, I highly recommend it. If you're currently breathing oxygen, I highly recommend it.

Oh, and I picked up a pair of new KVA's for $300, which is about five times as expensive as I'm comfortable disclosing to strangers.


Now I just have to figure out what computer I want to buy for school with the other money I don't have. I'm thinking the Surface Pro 3. I like the idea of a tablet for animating. Will probably make the switch to Toonboom since my Flash disc is for Mac. Although I'm really comfortable with Flash now...

Here's a screenshot of what I'm working on now:


Once my burritos are done it's time to watch Kick-Heart.

and thanks for reading my blog ;-)))


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2015-08-11 02:28:08

Okay man, I'm sorry about the burritos and what not but those shoes... $300? They just look so... Disgusting to me. And they're going to get dirty quick if you take pictures of them looking like that, but god.... So ugly...


2015-08-11 13:12:38

no microwave? O_o
you gon' die ._.


2015-08-11 13:47:04

Dude,You're Screwed but at the same time had mercy,Microwaves give Radiation Mostly X-Rays,Witch could cause Critical problems,But Damn,If a burrito was cold,it'd be heated up by that machine,And that reminds when the internet connection was lost,and sat next to my router like a primitive Cave dweller.

flanhandle responds:

Man is fragile.